How to modify the coloring of the workload and timeline widgets?

Hi everyone!

May I know how we can customized these colors in the workload and timeline view widgets? Thank you

Hi @TJ_S,

Regarding the workload widget, you are unable to customize the coloring at this time.

For the timeline widget, you are able to “color by” certain options:

  • Color by

Your timeline automatically color codes your items according to which group they come from. For example, when you see green events, you know they are from your green-colored group, and when you see purple events, you know that they are from your purple-colored group. But you can use the drop-down menu to choose how you want them to be colored! You can choose to color by boards, groups (using the colors of your groups), Status Column (using the colors of your labels), or People! If you have more than one Status Column on your boards, you can choose which one to use! See more here: The Timeline Widget – Support


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