How to move a item(checkpoint or status) when multiple's need to been changed before moving

Hi I am new to I am at the moment where I need to create a rule which is the following:
When Checkpoint/Status 1,2,3 and 4 have changed to yes move to next step.
So I don’t want the item to move until all the check point or status have been commanded with the correct prompt (tick or Yes).

Hello @Nareshjangra,

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You can chain multiple conditions with the custom automation to achieve what you are looking for.
An example is shown in the attached image

You can read more about custom automations here

Hi Alfred thanks for the fast reply, I tried and it did not work for some reason, Its probably something I done wrong, I will have a look at it again

One thing you have to note here is that, the trigger for the automation to happen is “When Start date changes to COMPLETE”.
This means that, the automation will only run “when start date changes to complete”. If start date is changed to complete but any of the other conditions are not met, it will not move the item, even if let’s say you change “Valtech” to “v”. It will only run again when start date changes to complete again.
Hope this helps :slight_smile:

Ok I think I get it. I will try again tomorrow. Thank you for your time