How to populate a dropdown based on a previous selection or dropdown

Hi everyone,

Is there any way to populate a dropdown based on a previous selection?
For instance:

  • In dropdown we have two options: in store collection, delivery
  • If I select one of these options, then I need to then allow the person to select options within there
  • So for instance “delivery” might have options for: overnight, 2 day, 5 day

Each selection in the first dropdown has unique selections in the second dropdown.
Is there a clever way to do this?

Hey Jason_FuzzyLogic,

Thanks for this question! Mollie here from the team :slight_smile:

At this time, the system does not support conditional columns/structuring. That said, it may be worth while to explore the option of building multiple board views or even multiple boards to accomplish this.

To do so with multiple board views would require utilizing board filters + hidden columns and flipping between board views when various selections are made.

To do so with multiple boards would require using cross-board automations (Automation Center > Move/Create Item).

Ultimately, we appreciate this feedback and have sent to our Product Team so they can consider this feature in the future.

Have a great day!

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Thanks for the feedback Mollied. To be honest though, that suggestion is unsuitable as it amounts to creating huge complexity which will cause confusion and stop the solution being used.

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