How to produce a chart from my logs

Hello there,
I have an app which I can extract logs under the excel format, with hour and date of each log. I use excel formulas to sort all this data by fifteen minutes, like that :
07:00 - 12 logs
07:15 - 9 logs
07:30 - 15 logs
With this, I produce an excel chart that shows me when the users have the most error logs.
I know I can import this excel file directly to monday and that I can produce charts from this data, but I would like to know if its possible to get the same result from my excel files ? I’ve already imported the file but I don’t figure how to do the next step, if I need to create automation first to create the results per fifteen minutes or if I can do that directly from the chart views.

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I’d love to understand a little more about what you’re looking to achieve here.

Are you looking to automatically export your error logs every 15 minutes into
If so, this might best be achieved via our API, which you can read more about here: Does have an API?

If not, are you able to expand a little on what you’re aiming to achieve in regards to automations and the chart view here?
Feel free to include any screenshots in your reply if you think they might be helpful to add further context!



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Hi @Dani ! I’ll try to explain a bit further :slight_smile:

I made a little scheme just to show that my data currently goes through 2 steps : once I have it, I apply an excel formula so I can count the number of logs per 15 minutes, and then I create an excel chart from the result.

I know that I can import the second file into Monday and then create a similar resulting chart. What I would like to know is if it’s possible to import the first file, and then through Monday manipulate the data to end up with the same chart. I dont specifically need an equivalent of the second file to exist in a Monday table, what I would like is to avoid going through all the excel manipulation whereas there might be a way to do all this in monday. If it’s not possible, I’m not sure that the API will be more usefull as it would be easier for me to create an excel macro to get my file_2 and then import it in monday when needed.

Here is an example of the excel formula I’m using for the second file, even though I don’t think it’s useful :sweat_smile:
(I use SUMPRODUCT as a conditional sum, where the data is summed if its within the current time range (inferior to current time range and superior to current time range minus 15 minutes, so 7:00 AM will show how many logs I had between 6:45AM and 7:00AM)

Thanks for your help !