Using Charts to Report data over time

Hi, Relatively new to and a new manager as well. I’m running the Pre-Production team for a manufacturer where we process quotes, prepare technical drawings etc.

I’ve been asked to provide reoprting data on my team’s throughput rate of given tasks e.g.: How many quotes were requested vs how many were completed?
I need to provide data for a given day, week & month and show the trend in the dato over those various time spans.

My board is divided into groups representing the different stages required to complete the work. When a quote is requested it enters the first group “Backlog” via a form view, then drops to “Quoting” when the status changes to “Working on it” then finaly moves on to “Completed quotes” when the status is changed to “Done”.

So far I’ve struggled to even capture the above example, and am pretty lost as to how I will chart the data trends over time. I’m not an excel wiz and I get the feeling that the formula column is what I need to be using to drill down and get this data, but I need some help understanding how to break this down and get the data into my dashboards for reporting.

I’m not opposed to exporting data to run reports in Excel, but it feels like that defeats the purpose of having the live reporting in in the first place.

Hey @AWCAMP this is definitely something that can be done through the use of a quick automation, Dashboards.

First you have to create something like this that will track the date of of when an item is created.

Here you can see the reflected date column.

If you find ‘Add’ on the left, you can choose Add new Dashboard. You can represent the data however you feel is best, I personally thought stacked bar would work so that what I used in my example. By making the x axis the board, and stacking by your statuses, you can get something that looks like this.

Now to only see the data from a specific month, you’ll have to click filter at the top right, switch to advanced filters, then modify it to ‘When date is this month’.

Once that’s accomplished you’ll even be able to duplicate the board and look at your data by week if need be by simply updating the filter.

I know there’s a lot to read so let me know if you need any help!

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I understood you wanted to compare how many items were requested vs how many were completed within a given date range, and how those values change over time.

The Analytics & Reports add-on by Screenful, can provide you that information out-of-the-box. Once you start the free trial and import your monday board, you’ll have that information calculated automatically. Here’s an example chart:

You can also add these charts to the monday dashbords. We can help you to set up any chart or report for your monday data. Just shoot a message to

You can learn more at reports: Advanced custom report & analytics for — Screenful