How to retrieve Monday url in item view?

Hi there :wave:,
I’m building an item view. I’m trying to find out how to retrieve the subdomaine (or url) of a user (I mean the xxx in I need to build a link to an item.
What is the best way to achieve that?

Hi @jeromeskiply
You can perform an api call to get the current user’s account slug:
query{me {account {slug}}}

slug is the subdomain, so you can construct it like this:


Thank you @VladMonday.

Hey y’all! Wanted to follow up on this with an alternate solution in case other users find this thread.

If your app has the boards:read scope, you can also retrieve the slug of an account by querying the board’s owner. Here’s an example query:

  boards(ids:[123456789]) {
    owner {
      account {

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