Auto obtain item URL

In we can automatically create “items” by sending an email to

I have a question

use case

  1. System automatically sends an email for an incident to << this works
  2. board creates an item based on the subject + content << this works
  3. The item will have its own URL << this is a fact
  4. I want our internal system to know which URL this item has << how to do this?

What I’m trying to achieve is basically that our Incident Management system will receive what the item URL is, and then document/save it in our Incident Management tool. We send over 500 emails a day, so automation is the way forward.

Can we use third party tools like zapier etc. >>> No
Does already provide such automation rules >>> No, haven’t seen it

Hey Louis,

Hm, could you implement the item ID column into an automation/integration email?

That said, if your internal system isn’t supported as a native integration, you would need to utilise a third party tool - let me know!

Hi Louis,

I think it’s important to consider what your requirement is and how you would expect it to work.

The main caveat here is that I know nothing about your Incident Management System.

What is clear to me as a consultant:

  1. You want to use your Incident Management system to create items in—this is working right now via email.
  2. You need some kind of response from to tell the Incident Management system the ID of the item you have created.

If you were creating the item via the API, you would get a response from telling you the ID of the item you just created, which, using the API of your Incident Management system, you could input into your Incident Management system in some field.

I note that you are not interested in using a third party tool. Why is this?
Since you are currently using an email integration (email is sort of a third party tool anyway), would an email response to your Incident Management system work? How can we automatically input data into that system, which seems to be your key requirement.

If we can input data to your Incident Management system via email, that should be possible with email automations (although it will require an Outlook or Gmail account, which are of course third party). In that case, we would create an email response when at item is created and your Incident Management system could somehow parse the data in that email.

In any case, a third party tool like Make or Zapier would handle this a lot more efficiently and allow you to build exception handling and other useful features into the integration.

Otherwise, it may be the case that your Integration Management system is already supported by via a native integration or app.

Hi Francis

Creating items via API and getting a response back from does sound like it would work. It would indeed need to report back to the Incident Management Tool via email or webhook or something.

What we really want is that on our Incident Management Tool we have the direct hyperlink to the specific item in Using the item ID, I believe we would be able to make that work

Yes it would indeed require Outlook account - and thus third party. I will need to look into that

Zapier is a no go - as its not approved internally

Note: The incident management tool is a custom developed tool

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