How to search for whole words exact matches in board

I’d like to use the quick search function on my board to find all items containing the word “oil” somewhere in their columns. But I want to omit results like “toilet”, “oily” etc.

How do I achieve this?

if in the dashboard or a main board, in the search bar you can type the word you are looking for “oil” and hit enter. This will bring up highlighted in blue anything with that word in it. if that word is found in a subitem line, on the main line the subitem icon will be blue, click the subitem icon to expand and the word you searched will be highlighted.

Hello Amanda,
exactly. It brings up ANYTHING with that word in it, like “toilet”, “spoiled”, “recoil”…
I am trying to search for items/subitems which contain only the exact word “oil” and nothing more.

OHHHHH, add a space before or after the word.

That does not make a difference when I try it. I get exactly the same search results.

Hey @BenH :wave:

At this time, the Board Search bar will show all items that have information relating to the text you are typing in.

For exact words, you will need to use the Advanced Board Filters and adjust them to show only items that have the information you are looking for. This will need to be done column by column, however.

I hope this helps! Remember to mark as solved if this answers your question :slight_smile:


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