How to see all updates made in order for whole organisation

Hi Folks,

anyone know how to see all updates in order of date across all boards and additionally is there a way to see all updates written by a certain user


Check out the Search Everything feature, which you can get to by clicking on the magnifying glass on the far left hand sidebar, a little bit above your profile pic. You can search all updates and find all activity by a certain users, etc. Keep in mind that if you do not have rights on the board, you won’t see its content here. You can’t see content in Search Everything that you’re not allowed to see by navigating.

Thanks for the reply
I know about the search everything section but its not working as expected

for example if i click updates i see 4156 total but if i search with a name of a another user i see 5611, if i search my name i see 8621 results

By doing the above tests i know its not correct
is there something that should be typed to make this work to get the following:

  1. All updates
  2. Updates by a specific user