How to set a status using a Formula column?

Hi everyone
I am not sure if it is the right place to post.
I would to create a chart that displays the number of the risks I have based on the “Risk Score” column, since they are number between 1-25 I would like to create 5 groups
How can I do it? by a Formula Column that includes an IF Statement,

Group name: Desirable (Score: 1-3)

Group name: Acceptable (Score: 4-6)

Group name: Undesirable (Score: 8-12)

Group name: Unacceptable (Score: 15-16)

Group name: Catastrophic (Score 17-25)

I mean instead of creating a status column with 5 values and change it manually, I would like to have a column that recognize the right group according to the risk score column

hi @Sagi
Welcome to the community. You can’t ure a Formula column to trigger actions (like move to group). There are automations to can do things like this:

This is probably not what you need/want as you want to move the item to a group specified by a number. It is just to give you an idea about automations.

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