How to set up a correct authentication with Monday app and Zapier for developers?

Hi there!

I have been trying for more than a week now to succesfully integrate my monday app with Zapier. There we’re too using the developers portal to set up custom triggers and actions. Except I can’t seem to get by the first step: Setting up a succesful authentication. I have browsed countless docs and guides over here yet can’t seem to find it. I always get an error that my account / connection is expired while I had set it up like minutes ago.

I had contacted Zapiers CS for this, they referred me back to monday.

So with this, can someone please point me towards the right direction?
Or a guide how to do this with Zapier developer platform would be godsent!

Many thanks,


I don’t use Zapier. But, if you are trying to use the shortLivedToken for authorization, it is only valid for 60 seconds.

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Hey @JCorrell

Is there a long alternative perhaps? Zapier does require an authentication that allows the app to stay connected for well… quite a while.

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For that, you have two choices:

  1. Have the user give you their fixed token to use (probably not what you want).
  2. Go through the complete Oauth process to get a token for the app when the app is installed/added to a board.