How to Structure Account Updates (Financial services - historical record of account balances)

Hi Monday Brains Trust,

We currently use excel to keep track of account summaries for clients (balances etc for home loan accounts). We keep a historical record by creating a new tab on the account summary, titled with the date we update the data. Example here: Example of Account Summary - Google Sheets (all tabs show the same data in this example but in reality they’d have differing loan balances/new loans added etc).

We want to move these onto Monday, but I can’t work out a way to keep track of things the same way. Ideally i’d like to add a date column ‘last updated’ to the main board, and then replicate all columns into the subitem field, with the addition of a ‘become out of date on’ date column.

Dream automation would work as; When ‘last updated’ column changes, duplicate items data from all columns and create a subitem with this data, set ‘became out of date’ column to today’s date.

Open to all suggestions! Please help :slight_smile:

Hi @Kerry - I think what you are looking to do is possible. We have worked with a number of financial industry clients that deal with regular recurring entries. Of course, each is different, so it may be ideal for use to setup a Discovery Session to dig in a little further.

Feel free to schedule a session that works for you.