How to track Average time in Status by Person Average with Time in Status?

The Average Time in Status feature allows you to track and analyze the average time spent in different statuses by each person in your team or organization. By activating the Time in Status app and utilizing the appropriate reporting features, you can easily calculate and visualize the average time spent in statuses for different individuals. This use case helps you monitor individual performance, identify productivity patterns, and optimize overall team efficiency based on the average time taken by each person to complete tasks in different statuses.

Before starting, check that

  1. Select the Chart Type as Bar:

In the gadget settings, choose the bar chart type to represent the time in status data.

  1. Configure the X-Axis and Y-Axis:

Customize the chart configuration to display the desired information.
For tracking time in status by the board, set the “Person” option on the X-axis.

On the Y-axis, select the data related to the time spent on tasks (e.g., “Average”).

  1. Generate the Chart:

After setting up the X-axis and Y-axis, generate the chart to visualize the time in status data by the board.
The chart will display bars representing each board’s total time spent in different statuses.

  1. Identify Areas for Improvement:

Analyze the data to identify any patterns or trends in the average time spent in different statuses by the person.
Use this information to identify areas where individuals may be experiencing delays or inefficiencies, allowing you to address these issues and improve overall team performance.

  1. Optimize Team Performance:

Using the average time in status by person data, you can provide targeted feedback, coaching, or training to individuals who may benefit from it.
This promotes continuous improvement and helps optimize team performance by reducing average time in status and increasing productivity.

By leveraging the Time in Status app’s average time calculation and reporting features, you can effectively track and monitor individual performance based on the average time taken to complete tasks in different statuses. This information can be used to make data-driven decisions, provide targeted coaching or support, and optimize team collaboration.

Note: This use case can also be adapted to track time in status by the board. Instead of setting the People type field on the X-axis, select the “Board” option to analyze time in status for different boards or projects.

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