How to track time in Status by Person with Time in Status?

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Our team is proud to introduce the Time in Status add-on, designed to effortlessly track the time spent on each workflow status for your issues. With this tool, you can easily monitor the speed at which issues transition between statuses. :hourglass_flowing_sand:

The Time in Status offers the functionality to track and analyze the total, average, or median time spent in different statuses by each person involved in your workflow. By activating the app on your board and utilizing the chart gadget on the dashboard, you can easily visualize and summarize the time spent in statuses for individuals. This feature helps monitor individual performance, identify workload distribution, and optimize team efficiency.

Before starting, check that

  1. Select the Chart Type as Bar:
  1. Configure the X-Axis and Y-Axis:
  • Customize the chart configuration to display the desired information.
  • For tracking time in status by person, set the People type field on the X-axis.

On the Y-axis, select the data related to the time spent on tasks (e.g., “Sum”).

  1. Generate the Chart:
  • After setting up the X-axis and Y-axis, generate the chart to visualize the time in status data by the person.
  • The chart will display individual bars representing the total time spent by each person in all statuses.

  1. Analyze the Results:
  • Interpret the chart to gain insights into each person’s time spent in different statuses.
  • You can identify individuals who spend more or less time in specific statuses, allowing you to analyze their efficiency or workload distribution.

By leveraging the Time in Status app’s person-based tracking and the chart gadget on dashboard, you can quickly assess individual contributions to the workflow process. This information can be used to optimize workload allocation, identify areas for improvement, and foster better collaboration within the team.

Note: This use case can also be adapted to track time in status by the board. Instead of setting the People type field on the X-axis, select the “Board” option to analyze time in status for different boards or projects.

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Is it possible to map multiple statuses to one status time tracking column?

For our use case, we have 13 statuses that we use to assign an item to people in one of three groups/teams. We don’t necessarily want to how much time the item is with each person based on the status, but rather the total time the item is with each group/team. We would not want to add 13 columns & then formulas to calculate the total time. Hope this makes sense.