How to use workload view with time tracking column?

Hello all :wave:

I’ve recently added a time tracking column to my boards and find it very usful to track automatically with status update the time I spend on an item, and the ability to add manually time allow me to be very accurate with this !

But I’ve realised that the time tracking column doesn’t integrate well with the workload view. My workload is shown as if all the time tracking data was on one day, the deadline of the task. It dosent represent how my week is full or not because a task that I work on multiple days show as if I’ve put all the hours on the deadline day of the task…

The strange thing is that the time tracking column has date data so should be able to be selected in the time columns choice of the workload view settings, so that the sessions of time tracking appear on the day they are registered and not all on the deadline of the task.

Do you see this implented any time soon ? Is it me that understand the use of those tools wrong ?
Thanks in advance for your feedback !