Monthly Hour Tracking

Hey, folks! Looking for a bit of help on how to best achieve a use case.

We offer our clients a set number of hours on a monthly basis. Say, ten hours a month to use on services. I would like to use the time tracking feature in their board to be able to track how many hours we did, but would then like to see that compared and deducted from their allocated hours. On a monthly basis, I’d then just be able to set up an automation to reset the column and start over. I’m having trouble understanding how I can summarize all the time spent in a cell on another board and also track that time over time. I may just be overlooking some simple feature, but I don’t quite know how to best go about this.

Thanks so much!

Hi @logandeyo

If you are gone to use timetracking column, there are many problems in using them, please check this feature request and if you like vote this in order to make consider focus in this needed updates.

Hi @logandeyo

I would suggest using something like the following:

Start time tracking on Board 1 when status changes to something in Board 2

Followed by

When status changes from something to something else in Board 2 stop time tracking in Board 1

following on from this you mention wanting to reset, so you could either create an automation when change the final status to reset after a set period of time and begin the whole thing again, OR (and I think this would be better) you could have the automation create a new pulse when you stop the time tracking and you do the whole thing again with a new pulse, this would give you a history of previous hours worked and what you’re currently on. per task or whatever it is the hours are for you to complete.

Side note: I didn’t mention anything about linking pulses or mirroring above as there’s loads of great tutorials about these topics all over Monday but they’d likely be fundamental to achieve what you want

Hope this helps buddy :slight_smile:

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