Reporting on Time in Group?

Hello - I am looking for an easier way to track time in each group on a board - so if an item is in group 1 for 5 days, group 2 for 10 days, etc. And then be able to show the data in widget on a dashboard.

For a previous client we set this up as a status column that would trigger a movement date but we had to set up a date column for every group on the board. It ended up being a dozen additional date columns. I’ve also used time tracking but again it requires multiple time tracking columns and automations for each group.

We do not currently have a budget for paid apps/integrations so I am looking for a free or manual way to set this up. Thanks!

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Hi @Sara413 :wave:

Thanks for posting! This is something we see challenging people every day.
Without the use of additional columns, however, we’re unlikely to succeed in this mission.

As you suggested, this can be solved natively within the automations and columns working together, but does require some setting up.

I’d recommend making a ‘tidy view’ with the working columns hidden to keep clarity at the forefront and the reporting won’t miss a beat.

Happy to chat all things any time :slight_smile:

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HI Peta,

Thanks - I had a feeling. Appreciate it!

Do you usually set it up like the below or is there an easier way?

Column 1 - Moved to Group date triggered by automation
Column 2 - Days in Group, counted by automation
Column 3 - Count of time moves to group by automation
Column 4 - Formula for average time in group

(Column 3 and 4 would only be needed if items move back and forth between groups - if it’s waterfall through the board, only 1 and 2 are needed)

Thanks again :blush:

I’m actually leaning toward the time tracking column instead - previously when I did the 4 above we did not have an automation to trigger subitem status change - now that we do, I think the time tracking would be easier to set up…