Time Tracker Enhancement - Time tracked by groups / status

Hi Monday.com community.

I’d like to recommend an enhancement to the time tracker.

Here is what is going on.

  1. We have an IT Requests Board with multiple groups
  2. The groups are (Not started) / (In Progress) / (Dependent on … )
  3. We have automations that Push the pulse (IT Ticket) from group to group until it’s completed

The tracker is set to start as soon as a new item is created and it’s set to stop as soon as the pulse is marked as completed. But what it doesn’t track is HOW much time the pulse spent in different groups. For example, if an IT Ticket (Pulse) was in the (not started) group for 10 days and then in the (In progress) group for 2 days and lastly 1 day in the (Dependent on … ) group, the timer will not tell you how much time the pulse sat in each different group.

IDEALLY, (from a managerial point of view) if this Feature existed, I could ask my staff for reason why the IT ticket (Pulse) sat in the (Not started) group for 10 days! But because the Time Tracker does not track that I cannot (easily) know how much time a pulse sat in any given group. Technically I could tell by looking at the audit log, BUT it’s not ideal.

The above example refers to groups, but potentially, if monday.com could, it would be great to do it at the STATUS Level. Looking at the exact same example described above, but instead , it would track how much time the pulse spent on the IN PROGRESS Status, and how much Time it spent on the Waiting for USER status etc etc … Below are two screenshots, one is how the tracker currently looks now and the second screenshot is how I’d envision the enhancement working. Thanks monday.com community.

Current View

Desired View


Hey @alejencia

Thank you so much for sharing this detailed feedback which is exactly what we need to show our product team the impact of a feature request on a workflow.

We’ll definitely share this with the relevant team here. In the meantime, I wonder if the activity log could do some of this for you.

Whilst it would be manual, you could see when items moved from group to group and therefore how long they spent in one group.

Would that perhaps help?

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Thanks for the feedbad @Julia-monday.com.

Yes you are correct in that we can sort of figure out the timeline from the activity log … but … as you may see below … it’s not easy an easy task to do AND it does not SUMMARIZE as the way I’d ideally would want to see the stage timelines. You’d really have to dive into it the log and sped quite some time trying to figure things out. (Not ideal)

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Alejencia, admittedly I haven’t used that feature yet but could you set up a time tracker unique to each group? It would add to the overall board layout but remember you can save views so that the user can see just what is needed for their needs. Or perhaps you may be able to add permissions per each time tracker so that only that user could change or click. Our main board has a large number of columns for our company but I limit the view to simplify each user’s needs. Just a thought! I can’t wait to see how this is resolved.