I am looking to find the Percentage of a certain amount of hours worked vs. another amount of hours worked

Hey Guys,

I have two formula columns and those columns give me the amount of time clocked through time tracking. One column calculates the total time worked. The other column calculates total time clocked into an asset, based on two separate time tracking columns. I need to find the formula to calculate the % of asset time vs total worked time. Hopefully that makes sense.

In the picture, you see Asset Time Hours and Worked Time Hours. I need to find the % of the Asset Time Hours out of the Worked Time Hours.

Please help!

:smile: Thank you

hi@elarosa14 ,
To calculate the percentage of Asset Time Hours out of Worked Time Hours in Monday.com, you can create a new formula column with the following formula:
({Asset Time Hours} / {Worked Time Hours}) * 100

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THANK YOU SO MUCH! Everything worked.