I need to create an automatic monthly sales target control table

I need to create an automatic monthly sales target control board. I have a customer control board and I would like it to appear on the sales board corresponding to the month in which the sale will occur when changing a status. But there are 2 details: I need to be able to choose whether the sale is recurring, so the customer would appear in more than one monthly board; It is necessary that, when changing the client’s status in one of the monthly boards, it does not disappear from the previous ones. Example: if the customer purchased in April but did not purchase in May, I will change his status in the May board, but he cannot disappear from the April board.

Does anyone know how this can be done?

Hey Ramon,

Thank you for the detail :pray:

To clarify, are you using one specific status column to identify whether the sale is recurring or not? Would you be happy to share a screenshot (as long as no confidential data is shared) just so I can get an understanding what specifically would be mirrored to those monthly boards?


Hello Bianca,

Thank you for your response!

Bianca, we are trying to use a column with labels to indicate whether the sale is recurring or not. In fact, we are using these columns with labels for almost all the information we want mirrored in our monthly sales control board.

I am attaching screenshots of the customer control board, which will be the source of information. But it’s still being tested, we can think about changing its formats if you think it’s better.

Thanks for sharing this information Ramon - appreciate it!

Given that you are utilising the one column to identify whether the sale is recurring or not, if you were to mirror this column from the customer control board into each of those monthly boards, any change to that column from the customer board would apply to each of those monthly boards…I understand you’re looking to avoid this - if that’s the case, you would need to create individual status columns fro each of those boards, in your customer control board so that changes are not dynamic to all boards (if you were to use the one board).

Does this make sense? Please let me know if I am misunderstanding :pray: