I want to email a digest of tasks finished in the last week

Hey Everyone,

We send a project status report every week. It needs to because some folks want include it in their presentations. Is there an automation to create a digest of tasks completed in the last 7 days, then include those tasks in an email template and send the email?

I’d love to hear what y’all have tried.


I don’t have any suggestions, but commenting to hopefully bump interest. I’d be curious about this also.

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This isn’t a full solution, but there is an integration automation for:

When date arrives and status is something, send an email to someone”, so you could have the system send a stack of emails for everything that has completed during the week.

I am interested to see what others might add.

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My first thought would be to use this automation to create an item in a “task completions” board:

Then I would use Make/Integromat to create the email and/or report. But, simply exporting the items each week would work too.

Using updates with similar automations would be another way to go.

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That’s great Jim, I’ll try it out and see what it looks like!


Were you able to get it to work? Share the deets! :slight_smile: