Automated email updates of specific group item statuses for client communication

Having the ability to automate sending our clients summarized email reports on items in specific groups of their respective Monday boards would be a miracle! I work in development as a senior project manager and I need our Account Managers to send out weekly board reports to clients. We have over 30 accounts, so I want to automate this for them to spare them the headache.

For example, our clients are not the biggest fans of going directly into Monday and trying to decipher the information themselves (I don’t blame them, it’s a board meant to manage developers). Instead, it would be incredibly helpful if clients could receive weekly emails that look something like this:

Hi client,

Here is your weekly report on the [group name] of [board name],

** [item name] - [status]*
** [item name] - [status]*
** [item name] - [status]*

And so on.

Anyways, I’m sure this feature would benefit many client-facing, high-touch roles across many industries. Thanks for hearing me out on this!

Hi Jenna,

Thank you for your question.

I can confirm that your requirement can be solved by the app Advanced Automations for which will allow you to create automations as code to help solve business requirements.

Using Advanced automations you would be able to set a Scheduled Trigger which would run your script on the schedule you define.

Your script would then used the API to fetch the items that you want from the board for the specified group and to then send an email with these items in to the required stakeholders.

We have lots of example template scripts inside the app that will show you how to do this and the templates named Send a weekly notification reporting status changes of items in a board and Move item to a group based on a status update will help act as a guide to write the script that you require to solve your requirements.

You can see more detailed information on how the app works in its documentation page here.

I hope this information helps.


Hi Jenna,
it’s Fitri From NewAge!

Thank you for sharing your need for automating client email reports—it’s a common challenge, and your solution would indeed be a game-changer for many client-facing roles like yours.

I’m excited to inform you that at NewAge, we’re exploring the development of an AI-Powered Automations app for This feature aims to streamline workflows by automating tasks such as generating and sending out customized email reports directly from your boards.

Imagine the convenience of automatically compiling weekly reports for your clients, tailored to their specific needs and preferences. With AI prompts, you can effortlessly extract relevant information from designated groups and columns within your boards and craft personalized email summaries, saving time for your Account Managers and enhancing the client experience.

Your vision aligns perfectly with what we’re working on, and your feedback plays a crucial role in shaping our development efforts. If you have any additional insights or specific requirements for this feature, we’d love to hear them!

Also, feel free to check out this post where we’ve shared other app ideas and vote for the ones you find most useful for your workflow: [Poll] New Monday App Ideas!

Best regards,