I would like a column showing the main item line information in the "My Work" dashboard

I have a simple request that would go a long way for my company in the “My Work” dashboard. We assign tasks on the subitem level, and a lot of them are named the same among our many projects (ex. Rough Cut, Revisions, Final).

Can you please include a column that permanently shows the Item for which the subitem belongs?

I’ve attached a screenshot to show what I am talking about. In this example, the owner of this task has the “Final V2” due on March 9th. He is unable to tell which Project or “Item” this is for unless he clicks on the tiny icon that reveals “ABS223 - Emissions Reporter Training Videos”. Having to click on this icon each and every time to get this information seems highly unnecessary, and it would make the “My Work” page much more usable if the Item at hand was displayed.

I hope that this can be accommodated. Thank you very much in advance.