Idea: Monday API Requires Lat, Long, and Address for Location columns

I was thinking it would be beneficial to change the API to only require either the Lat and Long or the Address. When we use Monday’s boards normally, you can put in the address and it will populate the lat and long fields automatically. Why can’t it do that when we use a mutation to change the location column?

Is there an easy way to find the Lat and Long from a given address using another websites API? I’ve found both Bing and Google Maps requires a billing account to do this.

Any thoughts on this from others?

Other options -
Geocodio - pretty good free tier and very easy set up.
OpenCage Pricing - Geocoding API and Geosearch - very good free tier

for that matter can we get the address with zip/postal codes and even better, the address also an object with street, city, state, zip, country, etc.

I have applications that can’t take a freeform address (single like address) and having to take it to another service to get it converted and the zip code added is an extra step of complexity i really dont want/need.