Importing data to location column

Hello all,

I am new to the data management system and I am in need of assistance. I am building a board to keep track of the information of over 500 volunteers in my organization. I have successfully imported the data from an Excel sheet into the system, but I am having trouble changing some of the column types to what I need them to be.

For example, I have a column that contains the addresses of all the volunteers, but I am unable to change the column type to a “Location” type. Instead, the only option I have is to leave it as a “Text” column. This is also the case for the “Country” column and a few others.

I would like to know if there is a way to change the column type to a more specific type, such as “Location” or “Country”? If not, is there a way to copy all the column values and paste them into a new column that I can then designate as the desired type? I am trying to avoid the tedious task of manually copying and pasting 500 cells.

Any help on this matter would be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance!


Hi @tomerS - as you have seen there are a number of limitations to the monday import. We tend to lean towards to handle importing to these types of columns.

Make has a free tier depending on usage so this might be a good workaround.

Is there a guide to how i can do that via

Hi @tomerS - while I dont believe there is a specific guide, it wouldnt be too much work to put together.

Basically, you would create a simple scenario that includes Excel (or Sheets) and monday

There needs to be a matching column in the sheet to a column in the monday board. From there you can select which columns you want to update. In the case of a Location column, you need to supply the Lat/Long as well as a name:

For Country columns you need the Code and Name:


Not sure if you have all this information handy in order to update?


thank you very much for the detailed reply.
i have address in simple address format (street, house number, city, state, postal code, country)
how can i convert it to (lat,long) coordinates format easily?

There are various websites that can do this for you: Convert Address to Coordinates

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Yes I see, still can’t find a free way to do it for a list.
Thank you

Hi Mark - what do you mean “create a simple scenario” using Sheets and Monday? (sorry if this is a newbee question). I have my data in address form and lat/lon, but i cant seem to get to the screen that you have shown in your screen shot below?

Hi @mattnelsen - just to confirm, this is within to complete, not monday. Do you have a scenario setup to manage this?

No I do not have But I guess I should look into that now. Thanks!

Hi @tomerS @mattnelsen @mark.anley

Great news! We’ve just released a new feature in our app Location Toolkit that allows you to convert any address into a Location column. For example when a form is submitted or when you import an excel containing addresses.

In this video you can see the feature in action, although we’re using an import as an example, you can also use a different trigger, like a button click, to convert the text value in a Location column.

Don’t hesitate to reach out when you have any questions or thoughts!



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