Showing location information as an address formatted as text

Hi, this seems such a simple requirement but I can’t see how to do it. (first forays into using formulas as I have only just upgraded to the Pro plan)
I’m using a location column as the primary one for storing client address data. I don’t want to change this (because useful for maps etc) so changing the column type is not what I’m seeking to do. BUT I do need to translate the location into a text-formatted address for use in certain scenarios, e.g. to use in formulas (e.g. concatenate with postal code) and to ensure the data exports successfully into Excel, which the location format doesn’t seem to.
How can I either Copy the data from a Location column type and paste into a new Text column
OR mirror from the location column to a text column
OR use a formula to bring the location data into another column where it appears in text format?