Copy text from a formula to Location column type

Hello everyone!

I am designing a board for our Account Managers (AM) to view their individual clients from their own client board. On this board, I would like to add the Map view for AMs to view which clients are near them wherever they travel.

Our addresses were imported into three columns: Adress line, city, and state. I creeated a formula to consolidate all three columns into a single column. The issue I have run into is I have no way of pulling the values from my formula column into the Location column type.

Can values from a column either be copied or automated into a Location column type, so the addresses can show up on the Map view?

Thank you for your help!


Hey Derrick,

I am afraid it isn’t currently possible to convert information from any column into a location column. If you’d like to utilise the map view, you would need to input the data into the location column manually - I certainly recognise this isn’t the most ideal process and will relay this internally :pray:

I encourage you to submit this as a feature request to share this with the wider community to increase votes to get this on our developers radar!


Is there currently a feature request for this? Cant find it yet. But multiple users ran into this problem, including me.

Hey Jasper,

I can’t seem to locate this particular request either. These are the 2 that I see are most relevant:

That said, you’re welcome to submit your own request specific to the formula column :slight_smile:

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Hi @derrick.veneman @Jappa @BiancaT

Great news! We’ve just released a new feature in our app Location Toolkit that allows you to convert any address into a Location column. For example when a form is submitted or when you import an excel containing addresses.

In this video you can see the feature in action, although we’re using an import as an example, you can also use a different trigger, like a button click, to convert the text value in a Location column.

An extra challenge in your case would be to consolidate the values from those 3 columns into one as our app only works with a single Text column. You could export the data into excel, consolidate the three columns into one and import it again.

If you can’t figure it out, let me know and I’d be happy to look into it together with you!