Copy text from a formula to Location column type

Hello everyone!

I am designing a board for our Account Managers (AM) to view their individual clients from their own client board. On this board, I would like to add the Map view for AMs to view which clients are near them wherever they travel.

Our addresses were imported into three columns: Adress line, city, and state. I creeated a formula to consolidate all three columns into a single column. The issue I have run into is I have no way of pulling the values from my formula column into the Location column type.

Can values from a column either be copied or automated into a Location column type, so the addresses can show up on the Map view?

Thank you for your help!


Hey Derrick,

I am afraid it isn’t currently possible to convert information from any column into a location column. If you’d like to utilise the map view, you would need to input the data into the location column manually - I certainly recognise this isn’t the most ideal process and will relay this internally :pray:

I encourage you to submit this as a feature request to share this with the wider community to increase votes to get this on our developers radar!