Change Text column to Country column, and support import to Country column

When you import a spreadsheet from Excel or Google Sheets, you cannot import data from that sheet into a country column. If you have a column labelled ‘Nationality’ in your spreadsheet, it has to be imported to a text column in

From there, if you want the data in a country column, you have to manually copy it over, which is not a good use of time. Please could you add support for this column type so that we can either import directly into it from Excel/Sheets, or change a Text column within to a Country column?

The latter option should be straightforward, as it would be the same process as changing a Text column to an Email column (another column type with specific format/input requirements), and this function already exists.

Hi Helen,
Is there any option to use the Location column while importing addresses from Excel?
It will solve lots of time :slight_smile:

@Hezibo – there isn’t an option to update the location column from an excel import.

I went ahead and moved this to the feature feedback section so other folks can vote on this feature!

Can you send a link? I’ll support