No option to import HOUR and LOCATION data?

Hi all,
I have a list of stores in Excel that includes opening hours and lat/long co-ordinates for the location (more accurate than addresses).
The times are in Excel HOUR format (00:00:00). Locations are to 7th decimal.
Once uploaded, I only have the option to include these columns in the board as Text or Number columns - option to import as Hour or Location.
I don’t see a formula that will convert either. Does this mean I have to add all this data manually?

Hey @JS_CIC, at this time that is correct. The Hour and Location columns are new columns that were created after the Excel integration.

We are looking to improve the excel integration but don’t have an ETA for it. I know that location columns is a must in this use case, but what about keeping the hour column as text. Are you looking to calculate this number?

Feel free to share more about you use case to see what we can recommend.

Hi Bradley,

Good to know it’s on the roadmap. Is there a way to cut and paste data between columns Imay be missing a trick here)? I now have location data in Monday as Text. If I want to copy that into a LOCATION column I have to do it manually cell by cell?!

Using the number will work but it’s not ideal formatting: left column is a formula on Hour, the right is formula on time as number: