Can I import addresses in a Location Column on my board?

If I’m importing a huge spreadsheet of clients that includes addresses, is there a way to have detect the addresses and add them as locations in a location column? It seems like I may have to manually copy/paste from a text column to a location column, but I have 5000+ contacts! Ooof. Any work around?


Hey Colleencass,

Great question! I can see how great this would be in your situation :confused: At the moment, I am afraid you can only import data in the following columns: Text, Status, Date, Number, and email column. So no location yet.

I would recommend suggesting it as a feature request, as you can see below:

Hi @colleencass - Since you have thousands of contacts to import, I recommend using Integromat to achieve this. You can build a relatively simple scenario to process the data and import it, including setting a location column in monday. What you have to do is use the Google Maps API to have Integromat send the contact address info to Google, which will then return a set of GPS coordinates, and those can be used to import the location column. MemberMouse to Monday _ Int...

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