Location column in Monday won't update from Zapier

We have “location" column in Monday.com. When we use Zapier to input new contacts from a completed website Gravity Form, the location does not input. Our website Gravity Form asks for build location and the user inputs their city. In Zapier, the location options are longitude, latitude and address. We added the build location field into the Zapier address field, but the location field in Monday.com ends up empty. How do we get the city name to appear in Monday? A Zapier rep suggested we enter all longitude, latitude information but that’s not feasible every city in Western Australia. Can someone provide an answer for a non-developer and in Layman’s terms please?

Unfortunately lat/long inputs are required! If you don’t care about the map being accurate - you can put 0/0 and the address. It will just position it off the ivory coast. There isn’t a real workaround other than implementing a geolocation step that converts the address to a geolocation.

I agree monday needs to much improve location with the API. I suggest posting a feature request in the “monday Apps & Developers > Feature Requests” category of the community for improved location support in the API.

Hey @janelle1 ,
Zapier obviously wants to take the lat/long as thats what gets converted into a location for Monday

There are couple of ways to do that but all that requires some coding. Even if I write the script for you, you’ll have to understand how to hit an API, parse the response and then forward that to Monday as lat and long.

------Another thought for non-coders---------

If you have a chatgpt account, you can ask chatgpt to convert the values and return Lat/long for you in response comma seprated. You can then use a zapier formatter step to split at the comma and utilize that to directly put in the Monday step.

Happy to help, let me know what you end up using, so its helpful for others who are struggling with a similar problem.

Hi Zac

Thanks very much for your response.

I’m interested in the non coder option, however I don’t completely follow. Are you suggesting I ask ChatGPT to convert the lat/long for every city in WA? I’m unsure what you mean by “split at the comma”.








Hi @janelle1

Apologies for my late response.

So basically if you have the lat/long in this format (this was generated by chatgpt for my location)

31.5497, 74.3436

You would notice there is a comma in between.

Now for you to be able to split this text into Lattitude and Longitude, you’ll have to use the Zapier step “Format” with the function “Split”

In the Split function, you may input this value coming from the previous chatgpt step, and setup the split function to split the text at the “,” comma.

So the end result would look like

Split 1: 31.5497
Split 2: 74.3436

Then you can pass both the splits separately in the Monday.com location parameters to reflect your desired location.

Hope that helps.