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Hi everyone :grinning:, I recently ran into a problem with the Zapier connection to Monday that I couldn’t solve. Although the Monday team members had provided most of the detailed JSON code, I couldn’t find the JSON code I needed.

For example, when I create a new item on the Seatable board, how do I synchronize the “address” data on Monday via Zapier.

Note: The “Address Bar” on the Seatable is stored in text format, but the “Address Bar” on Monday is in a different format.How do I synchronize address information on Monday via Zapier.

Hi @Chris_Liang welcome to the community!!

Just to confirm: you’re referring to the location column type right?

If so, a quick query on my end revealed that our location columns have these fields: address, latitude, longitude, placeId, as well as the time in which this column was changed.

However, I do want to let you know that we’re unable to utilize our API to change the value in a location column, so I do not believe this is yet possible with Zapier.

I would suggest not utilizing the location column in this case, and going with just a text column. Do you think this could work?


Hi @Chris_Liang!

We just updated our API to be able to edit the location column. See my update here: [RELEASED] Updating Location column with API!.

Hope this helps!

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