IF formula returning blank

Hi there!

I was hoping someone could help with an IF formula. This is ideally what I’d like the column to show:

If the number of days between date complete and final asset deadline is more than 0, return ‘No’ otherwise return ‘Yes’

However I’d also like to add that if it’s blank (i.e. there is no date complete) , return blank. The below is where I’ve got to, which works, but can’t figure out how to add the blank condition.

IF(WORKDAYS({Date Complete},{Final Asset Deadline})>1, “No”, “Yes”)


Hi @LexiNicc and welcome to the community! You can just add another IF statement to the formula to check for blanks first

IF({Date Complete}=“”,“”,IF(WORKDAYS({Date Complete},{Final Asset Deadline})>1, “No”, “Yes”))

Hope this helps!