Include Ability To Modify Color of Pulses In Dashboard Calendar

In a Dashboard Calendar, you can “Choose which columns’ data to view in this calendar.” It would be great to also be able to choose what color the pulses display as in that calendar.

Right now it seems like the colors are arbitrary, one pulse is the same color as its status, another pulse is the group color, another pulse is grey while another pulse is a color that has absolutely nothing to do with anything in that pulse.

As a company that uses color to categorize boards and groups, it would be great to transfer that visual element to the calendar. For example, no matter what board, there’s a group for Completed pulses and this group is always colored black. This is so that we can still see this task on the calendar, but it doesn’t “pop” as much as active tasks. Our PR board has This Month, Next Month, and Later groups, all of which are blue colors so that at a calendar view, we see blue and recognize it as PR.

While I know you can filter the calendar to segment these boards and whatnot, we really need an overview calendar of everything going on, and to be able to provide some visual categorization and organization to that would be great!


I agree! Example attached here. Right now the items for one group “Advocacy” are assigned purple and look like they are with the group “Comms” whose title is purple. Very unclear!