Including Xs as part of Checkbox Column

It would be super useful to have three options on the Checkbox column: a blank space, a check, and an X. By only having the option to include a blank space or a check mark, it can be unclear whether the blank space is indicating a lack of action on our team’s part or an intentional anti-check. For instance, if our team is tracking attendance at an event and have failed to put a check next to someone’s name, this could indicate either 1) our team forgot to check the person off, or 2) the person didn’t attend. Including the X option would eliminate this confusion.

I started a post and seen your one - i think it would be very usefull to be able to mark something as not complete or wont be completed, eg by using the same options within some of the info boxes. The little pie chart could then be coloured in red, amber and green as they fill up.


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Yes please, the X option onto the checkbox is very necessary vs just leaving a blank space. I am hoping that the developers are quickly seeing this.

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Please add a x option to the Checkbox col. Its only half its value w/o it