Inconsistent column types

In the new API version, some column types have changed and unfortunately, I couldn’t find any information about that in the release notes, although these are very serious changes and can break existing apps.
Here is an example,


The difference is quite clear.

Is it possible as part of the change log, to list the previous column type names and their new names and can we be rest assured that, this will be consistent across board, that is, both query operations and mutations will accept the same type names. For example, for status columns, the type will be status for both mutations and queries?

8th item in the breaking changes of the release notes.

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Hello @codyfrisch,
Thank you. I might have missed that. I think the wording there can be updated to reflect that, the names of the types have also being updated. Also, the link you showed doesn’t have the full list of changes, which is another problem. I found this on Github and I think such a table should exist for the new API too, that is as part of the migration, a table showing the previous column types and the new types should exist so that it is clear what has changed.

Hello @codyfrisch,

I’ve seen that but that isn’t what I’m referring to. In the link you just shared, it is not obvious what has changed. For example, from color to status. I think such information will be very vital.

Hello there @kolaai,

I will share this feedback about our announcements and docs with the team so that they take a look :grin:


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