Integrate Whatsapp to Monday


Is it possible to integrate What’s app and Monday API?

Short answer is Yes. The real question is what do you want to integrate between the two APIs. Once you have that figured out then you would write out the rest of the integration with your choice of programming language to interact with the Monday API and the What’s app API.

I want to create pulses from just typing a command in whats app. As well as I will be notified in whatsapp everytime the pulse was updated (either reply or the status was set to done)

@cjspinner are you tied to using Whatsapp? You certainly can but it’s a process and isn’t free. If you’d be open to using Telegram instead you’ll find a lot of readily available source code showing how to build a bot for Telegram. It would still definitely require programming work but in my opinion it would be easier to start there than with the Whatsapp API.

I just want to explore possibilities. I am done setting this up with messenger, so I want to make it work on whatsapp too. Thank you for the advice, I will definitely try Telegram.

You can now build custom integration recipes with our monday Apps Framework! I think an integration with Whatsapp or Telegram is a great idea :slight_smile:

I’d recommend submitting it as an idea for our Apps Contest here: Share your Dream App

I gonna take that as a compliment.

I sign up as a developer though.

Hi @cjspinner

From what i’ve heard, Monday and Slack already integrate pretty much together. Maybe that would fit what you’re looking for.