Integrate with Buffer Social Media management?

Hi there!

I am interested in using Buffer for our Social media scheduling due to its low price point and easy usability. I don’t want to use any software that doesn’t integrate with Monday however, because Monday is the software central to our business structure. Is this integration already in the works? If not, could it be expected any time soon?

Heya, Michaela from Integromat here :wave:

Since this is currently not possible natively, I was thinking I would jump in and suggest that you try gluing these together with Integromat. It’s a tool that lets you connect monday to pretty much any other app and automate all sorts of tasks and processes.

It, of course, depends on what it is that you’d like to achieve. To see what the options of connecting these with Integromat are, you can check out the integrations of both monday and Buffer and their currently available features :slightly_smiling_face: