x Social Media Publishing Integration (LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter)

What?: We workflow social media posts via (to assign roles and move it through a quality control process) but publish them via HubSpot for lead gen attribution tracking purposes. I’d love if the social performance data feed that goes into HubSpot from the social channels could be tied back into/feed back into the respective “social post” production line item in (particularly likes, shares, clicks, impressions for Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook).

Why?: We’d then collapse that but build into another view via widgets to keep our social workflow and performance data housed in a single place. **Better yet, if the workflow could push the social media publish via HubSpot from, that would save an additional manual step, but I don’t want to get greedy.

Barrier: Ultimately, the HubSpot, Social and integrations are fragmented and the HubSpot/ integration is primarily for CRM/lead gen management vs. social publishing and it causes fragmented data sets across and HubSpot that require a 2 point manual touch to compare.

The Ask: Better integrate HubSpot Social Publishing so you can tie it to a line item and allow the individual social channels that are linked with the HubSpot and accounts (LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter) to feed the performance data into affiliated line item.