Sprout Social integration

Has anyone in the Monday community tried integrating Monday.com with Sprout Social?

We use Monday,com to plan all of our marketing projects and would love to be able to automate pulling data from Sprout social to Monday.com to bring greater visibility regarding how our social posts and ads are performing.

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It looks like Sprout Social doesn’t have a ton of native integrations, but there might be a workaround. You’d essentially daisy chain integrations starting from a system that Sprout Social does natively integrate with, then use an integration software like Zapier to patch that into Monday.com.
The closest solution I could find is to go from Sprout Social to Google Analytics, then integrate Google Analytics with Zapier to Monday.com. I don’t know how the Sprout Social to Google Analytics integration works, but here’s the Zap that would integrate Google Analytics with Monday.com:

@tanner_elevate - Any thoughts on this?
@Charles_Graves - Hopefully this helps for your use case. Please feel free to reach out here or at greg@elevateops.io if anything needs clarification!

@greg_elevate That’s exactly what I would say!

@Charles_Graves Greg is the man when it comes to this stuff. He’s a wiz when it comes to figuring out these types of integrations :+1:

Monday.com Consultant

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Thank you, Sir! That is very helpful. Is the google analytics different than google ads integration?

@Charles_Graves - Yes, Google Analytics is a different service and would be a good intermediary solution if you need an integration with Sprout Social. If you’re open to using Google Ads instead, the direct integration with Monday.com is really nice… and it’s much easier to set up!

Greg, you totally rock. So my path forward is to use Zapier to integrate sprout with Google ads and then use the direct Monday Google ads integration. Did I restate that correctly?

Google Ads has a direct integration with Monday, so you can avoid the workaround assuming you use that!
If you have to use Sprout Social, then you’d go from Sprout Social > Google Analytics (to retain data) > Zapier > Monday.