Social Media Analytics Reporting on boards

I am a marketing coordinator and part of my position requires that I use my skills to create social media campaigns on sites like Instagram, Facebook, etc. I also must analyze the stats after we post anything on those sites. I have a Social Media Planner board on that I use to track each post and then manually enter the analytical data from Instagram or Facebook so that each week, we can track results.

I recently tried to use Zapier as an integration tool to automate inputting the analytics data on my board, but customer service there told me that was not something they do at this time.

Does anyone know of any other app like Zapier that can pull data from Instagram for instance, and automatically create either a report that goes to my inbox or populates a new group on a board with the data so I don’t have to manually do everything? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!

Hi @bramirez - my team has built multiple apps for our clients that is able to pull instagram, facebook etc stats.

Happy if you want to shoot me an email and we can discuss?

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Thank you, Renae! I will send you an email shortly.