Fetching API data from different platforms

Hi guys,

I’m trying to find some resources on how to get data from the following Platforms via their API’s and populate monday.com board each of these have X amount of campaigns running as well

Google search console
Google Analytics

The following is going to be a bit custom and I don’t know how I am going to do this (Not super important right now but would be nice to know if there is a way to do it)

Paid Search
D2C (Direct to customer)
Influencer data

The data that I need to pull into monday.com for each campaign looks like this

Total Engagements
Engagement Rate
Cost of acquisition
Link Clicks
Average view time
Total views
Avg. Search position
Bounce rate
Number of Orders placed
Avg cost per order
Number of users
Total Sessions
Page views
Avg. Time sent on page
Low Conversion Products
Highest Selling Products
Bottom Performing Products
High Conversion Products
No. of Influencers engaged
Engagement rate
No. of Influencer Posts
Total Engagements
Total Impressions

Ive tried the Integromat/Zapier way but both platforms are limited by per api call and or its a premium call that you need to pay for and now I am looking into the doing it via node.js and or react.js

have any of you done this before ? and if so could you please point me to the right documentation and or some solid tips would be appreciated a lot.

Hi @Faziki,

Great question! Because you’re looking to integrate with ~8 platforms, I’m hesitant to say that building a monday app using our monday apps framework would be the best solution for you.

In my opinion, it might honestly be worth it to pay for the premium features offered by these third-party app integrator platforms (like Integromat).

If you did want to build out your own apps, you would not only need to have a pretty good understanding of building web apps, but also would need to understand the APIs and authorization required for each of these different apps.

Of course, these are just my thoughts. What do you think?

Hi @Faziki,

Since it’s been a few days since we last heard from you, I’m going to mark my last comment as the solution.

If the issue hasn’t been resolved yet, feel free to make a comment within 7 days or start a new thread.


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