Thumbtack Integration

Hi everyone, I’m trying to integrate a lead generation service that I use, called Thumbtack. Similar to Home Advisor, Angies List, etc.
They have an API that will let you sync leads with your crm, and I’m pretty new to this so I was hoping somebody could help walk me through the process? Here is the link for the Thumbtack API:

Again I’m trying to integrate it with so when a lead comes through, it automatically pops up in my dashboard here. Thanks!

Hi @Dhuso11, welcome to the community!

I would be more than happy to help answer any questions you had about integration with Thumbtack. Have you had a chance to start setting things up yet? Or are you starting completely from scratch?

If it helps, you could also write into with more specific questions and screenshots of your workflow if you’d prefer.


I’m starting completely from scratch, I would appreciate any help you can provide to walk me through the process.

Hi @Dhuso11,

How’s it going? Are you still looking to get started?

While I’m unable to walk you through the entire process of setting up the integration, I would be more than happy to provide advice/guidance and answer any questions you had along the way.

If you’re looking for a no-code required platform, I would definitely recommend checking out Zapier and Integromat, and our community section there as you get started: FAQs - No-Code (Zapier, Integromat, etc) - monday Community!


There is no zapier integration for thumbtack. Is there anyway to plug the thumbtack api into monday?

Hi, thanks Helen, for sharing complete guide for the integration, my company really love the monday and my working really manage not crowded as before.

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Hi @Dhuso11,

Yes! You can either utilize Integromat (which I personally like better than Zapier) as an alternative, or you can build a custom integration yourself (although this would be a lot more technical and require you to code yourself).

Get started with Integromat though, and let me know if that helps!


Like I mentioned on my last email, there is no Zapier integration for Thumbtack. How would I go about adding it to Integromat?

Hi @Dhuso11,

Sorry-- typo! Meant Integromat.

A quick search online showed me that Integromat sadly doesn’t host Thumbtack. However, there are lots of integration platforms other than just Zapier and Integromat that could work?

At this point I would consider two options:

  1. reach out to Thumbtack support and see if they have any pieces of advice for which platforms they suggest building integrations from
  2. consider hiring a technical specialist who will build out the custom integration for you

Feel free to check out our technical requests section of our community here: Hire a Specialist - monday Community.


Thumbtack does have a custom api that is meant for softwares and CRM’s such as Monday, I just don’t know where I would plug the API into Monday. Is it only possible through coding?

Yes! So in this case you would want to build your own app within that’s able to call and consequently utilize the Thumbtack API.

However, this would take quite a large degree of technical effort on your end (i.e. building out a program that does this, finding a server to host your program on, etc).

But it’s absolutely possible!