Integrating CRM to my website to capture call-to-actions

Hello Community.

I looked through the existing posting and have not seen the following request.

My website is on WordPress utilizing Elementor theme sitting on Site Ground. I am looking to change my existing CRM, Agile to CRM. Does your CRM allow for the integration onto my website to capture visitors interest and my call-to-action forms, calls and text messaging options?

Example of need…
Business Consulting - Consulting
Coaching - 6 lines of services
Keynote Speaking

4 Levels of Support

Multiple resource links, freebies and documents based on need. Personal help, mental health, coaching, mentoring, etc.

LMS - LearnPress - Currently 3 online courses being offered.

For each of the above I would create a sales funnel with options to go/no-go options.

Can CRM accommodate my needs? Any help shared would be very helpful as I continue to integrate with my business needs.

Thank you
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