Integrating MS Access with

Hi, I am new to I have a number of datasets in Microsoft Access and wonder if it’s possible to integrate Access with Monday. So, Access retains the datasets but Monday can update the data, dynamically. Has this been done? thanks, JP

Hello @jennyp and welcome to the community!

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That sounds interesting. You can access the information in your monday boards via our API.

So, on our end, you can both get data from the boards and update data in the boards as well.

You can use built-in triggers, custom triggers, built in actions, custom actions. and webhooks to make this work.

Having said that, I have no experience with Microsoft Access. You would need to find a way to access the data in your database and send it to monday via API and to get the data to your database once you retrieve it from your boards.

Hope you can make it work! If you have further questions, you can always reach us at :muscle: