Integration authorization screen question

Hi team!
We want to build an integration that will ask the user for an API key (to a 3rd party).
We saw for example the scenario of Twilio that open this screen after trying to create the first receipt. My question is how can we redirect the use to such a screen?
I know the option of “Authorization URL” in the app feature page, but it doesnt seems like open a nice page like you did with twilio.
Can you please spread me some light?

Thanks in advanced!

With monday native integrations, the authorization URL can point to something that will open something within the page (hence its not leaving

For third-party apps, we have to create the page we want to display in the process. Whether it just be a simple redirect to the OAuth 2 page for monday or our own series of authorization pages etc. (that may end with the monday OAuth 2 to get a token - but don’t have to).

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