Integrations Failed

Hi all,

I am having some trouble with integrations today. I have two built ones installed here and they will not work, they tend to load for 30 minutes and then fail. They were both working yesterday. Additionally I have tested reinstalling and also on another account all together but no luck.

Any ideas?

Hi @jackjack2202!

Sorry to see you’re running into some trouble here.

Do you mind letting me know your app ID? It should be the set of numbers in your app URL. Additionally, if you don’t mind letting me know which account you’re testing on, and which user you’re using to test, I can find the relevant account and user IDs.

I think this could be related to a bug we’re seeing. I’m going to add your information onto our existing report and provide you with updates as they come in. Thanks!

Hi! Thanks for your reply.

Originally two apps were failing us this morning one which is ours and another on the marketplace. The one on the Marketplace, AutoID Column, actually came out with an update today that resolved this bug. Would you be able to lead us in the right direction with how to resolve the bug?


Hi @jackjack2202!

Just heard back from our devs and they let us know a fix has been put in.

Let me know if you continue to experience the issue by EOD today. I can followup with them.


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Hi @Helen We’ve been having an issue over the last week with the Zoom integration disconnecting itself over and over. Would this be related to the fix that just rolled out, or different you think?

Hi @PolishedGeek!

Hmm I’m not sure, it sounds like this is regarding our native Zoom integration, right?

If so, I think it would still be a better idea to write into so our team can investigate it with you.


I am still seeing this issue over hear with an app we created. Anyone know the fix?

Hi @mclaughlin5360,

I would definitely encourage you to start a new thread. If you’d like, you can also email into in case this is a bug issue and we need to ask for account information.


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