Integromat - GraphqlCustomExceptions::CorrectedValueException has occurred during simple column conversion

Hey everyone, I’ve run into a persistent error when trying to do something in Integromat.
First, we’re creating an array of column id/value pairings with the same format as monday,

then we’re filtering through them and only selecting certain pieces of data to update.

After that, we’re shoving the array into the Column Values to Change.

At this point, everything works, and with just text, email, and date columns this works fine. Then we added a People column to it and we get this error:

We’ve tried feeding the value the data hardcoded, we’ve copied code directly from the API documentation, we’ve fiddled with the containing arrays, and we just cannot get this error resolved. Does anyone recognize this?

Hi @Enyetahip,

Great question! So we actually used to offer two types of columns that would store user information, the “Person” column, as well as the “People” column.

If you check out the Columns Type Reference section in our new documentation, you can see both column types listed.

Because the columnId of your column is “person,” this means the column you’re using is actually a Person column, not a People column. As such, the formatting for this column would be slightly different, for example: "{"id":235326}".

Here is our documentation that explains this column type: Person.

Do you mind giving this a try and letting me know if it helps at all?

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