Integromat vs Zapier vs?

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I tried searching the forums and haven’t been able to find any posts about this. Please point me in the right direction if I’ve missed another thread discussing this.

I’m just starting to investigate how our workflow could benefit from integrations with other programs. I see a lot of posts about both Integromat and Zapier, and in researching both of these, I’ve noticed there are a plethora of integration tools out there beyond even these 2. Can those who use the various tools give me some pros/cons about the different options?

As we are just starting to develop a more robust architecture for our Monday boards, it’s tough to decide which tool to invest the time and money into. Any info you power users can offer would be a great help!


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I’d recommend integromat.

For me its stronger value for money, and I find more robust!

If you need a hand let us know, happy to help!


Hi @RyanSWS

For me it is also Integromat. The flow of data is easier to build (in my opinion) with Integromat. On the other hand Zapier has more off-the-shelf integrations. Zapier (to my knowledge) still using V1 API where Integromat uses V2.

You might want to consider . I found it was easier to get going than Integromat.

Thanks for the replies, @Jack-JTsCloud @basdebruin @blove. I was sort of leaning more towards Integromat. Seems like there’s a lot more depth and customization possibilities, but also a slightly higher learning curve (i know very little about scripting and APIs and whatnot). Zapier looks easier on the surface with a lot of recipes already available, but less robust when it comes to more complicated sequences.

@blove i’m gonna take a look at Parabola. That wasn’t one I had come across yet.

Just some background for context… We are a creative agency and post production house that specializes in behind the scenes content for Film and TV (think all those special features you get on your Blu-rays and DVDs). We are only scratching the surface of what Monday can do for us to streamline workflows and communication, and I’ve sort of voluntarily stepped up to be the architect of our Monday architecture. We currently use G Suite (docs, sheets, calendar, etc), Slack and we are starting to implement for asset management and review/approval processes.

I’m sure you’ll be seeing plenty more posts from me as I come across questions and challenging scenarios. Thanks for you feedback on this!

Hi @RyanSWS,

I think you are right. Zapier is a little more code-less, but because of that has less capabilities. Integromat uses array, if-then-else, JSON and other programmatic features that makes the learning curve a little steeper.

That is exactly the reason that another power user (@PedroM) and myself are investigating the possibilities to offer more complex Integromat based solution to automate We already have a few scenario’s in place, like a solution that swap the ownership of an item between authors and reviewers or a solution that creates feedback items for all people listed in a people column. We plan to offer this in a managed scenario, based on Integromat.

Just drop me a PM if you are interested in this.

Have fun!

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Integromat Hands down,

I’ve been using it about a month ago to automate different process of my company with and its way better than Zapier because of the capabilities. I found Zapier a little limited.

So far I have automated:

  1. Suppliers Invoice mailbox. Every time an email is sent to the invoice mailbox Integromat woud read the XML for electronic Invoice, and arrange all the data, link it to the purchase order and await approval of the person in charge of that expense. I would also send status mails to the supplier and validate that the XML info is correct.
  2. Customer satisfaction forms.
  3. Warraty letters (pdf).

The best part is that I found just 1 PDF module in Integromat, but with other services and their API I was able to integrate them.

Good luck