🤔Zapier vs. Make when both offer integration

:wave:Hi Monday community!

I’ve been an avid user of Monday, Zapier, and Make for quite some time now. I’ve always gone back and forth between using Zapier vs Make for certain non-native (outside of Monday’s pre-built) integrations.

If I could summarize the reasons for choosing between the two (assuming both offered the integration between my 2 chosen apps), they would be the following:


  • Easier to set up and run
  • Quicker to find fields & property inputs
  • A bit limited in formatting or transforming data (if needed)


  • Powerful integration of any field with host of data transformation
  • Visually appealing workflow design
  • Can get a bit complex during initial setup due to almost endless customizations

In this case, for instance, I’m building a custom integration to flow information from a Monday Invoice board to Zoho Invoice.

:question:1) Have you had a situation whereby both Zapier and Make had the SAME 2 or more app custom integrations available, and you chose one over the other (Zapier or Make)?

:question:2) Why did you choose one over the other?

Interested to see a discussion of your experience and opinions!

I always recoomend make. Right now in above image there is not any issue u can use whatever you like. But later on when some module is not available on zapier or make, on make we can make http call using API however on zapier we can’t.

Good point.

I have seen Zapier come out with their Webhooks feature, but have not finished experimenting with it yet to determine if it’s a viable alternative to the Make Webhook module.

Also on make HTTP module is amazing and we can build custom apps with different modules as well.

I’m a fully self-employed automation-builder; I’ve used Make and [shudder] PowerAutomate and a handful of others… and IMO Zapier is hands-down the best.

As others in the thread have mentioned, there is a custom webhook action available so you can talk to literally any API you have access to if the specific action you need isn’t available in the integration. There’s also a Code action allowing you to run custom javascript or Python mid-workflow, which will seamlessly replace your variable placeholders by values obtained in previous actions.

And while Cody implied otherwise, Zapier too offers the ability to easily build custom integrations (private and public), and to create custom actions for APIs with existing integrations but missing actions—which become reusable account-wide (in a way that prevents other colleagues using them from inadvertently breaking anything.)

On top of that, you have rich branching logic (including nested logic paths) and the ability to lump several actions into a single ‘sub-Zap’ that you can then call and pass info into as an action in any other Zapier automation. And they’re on the bleeding edge when it comes to AI integration if that’s something you’re into.

Also, their native data formatting utilities are unmatched, and that’s a really big deal when it comes to complex workflows.

Finally, I’ll add that Zapier’s UX is dramatically more intuitive, its UI is much more pleasant, its support quality is generally top-notch, and it’s extremely dedicated to reliability. (If a run fails for some reason, it does not block/hold future runs, and it automatically retries for a while, and it doesn’t let the submission fall through the cracks; you can configure error notifications on a per-automation basis.) It’s very clear that UX has always been a top priority for Zapier, rather than an afterthought like it is with some of their competitors.

I hesitate slightly to go so far as to say “there’s nothing you can’t do with Zapier” but I honestly feel that way.

P.S. I am in no way affiliated with Zapier—I’m just a passionate automator with an appreciation for high-quality tools.

Im currently using Zapier because I think Zapier is more easy to Automate and there are many other features which I like if your using make that’s alright anyone have no issue :innocent:
There are many reasons to choose Zapier over make and also there are many reasons to choose make over zapier because everyone have their own choice there own mindset we can’t force any one to choose any one of the following but in my point of view we have to compare them on our needs because everyone’s businesses are change to other one so compare Zapier vs make formerly Integromat on your needs and choose one which you think that is more better than this for my business.